Why choose RoomGuard?

The RoomGuard® is the only device on the market that offers you a full test of the entire filter system before delivery. Every RoomGuard is put through its paces prior to shipping, which means for us:

We apply our cleanroom know-how not only during the development and manufacturing of the devices, but also during the final inspection. DEHS (test aerosol from the cleanroom industry) is applied to the built-in filter medium, and it is metrologically ensured that only air is carried through the filter medium (and not, for example, via the filter seal if it is not airtight). The filter medium is therefore also checked for leaks. The filter test protocol according to EN1822 (testing of the filter medium after production at the filter manufacturers) is also enclosed but does not indicate how effectively the filter system works! Our informative documentation on the measurements is included in the delivery package. With the RoomGuard® you are acquiring a premium product from the experts in cleanroom-measurement technology.

What does a RoomGuard cost?

Feel free to contact us for a complimentary and non-binding offer.

How does the delivery and initial set-up work?

Delivery is carried out by us or our partner shipping company. If delivery is carried out by the shipping company then the technician will come to the customer, by appointment, to place the unit efficiently, set it up and carry out the instructions on the unit.

Can we also install it ourselves?

The installation/initial set-up can be carried out by our technicians. Initial set-up can also be carried out by the customer by following the instructions.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is subject to demand and our situation at the time of your order. Upon receipt of your order, we can confirm a delivery timeframe.
Delivery is usually approx. 2 weeks.

How big is the RoomGuard?

Standard model (up to 2000m³/h):
approx. 129 height x 78 depth x 68 width (in cm)

Smaller model (up to 1200m³/h):
approx. 141 height x breadth 53 x depth 53 (in cm)

For further details, please refer to the product data sheet

How heavy is the RoomGuard?

The RoomGuard® weighs approx. 111 kg

For further details, please refer to the product data sheet

How loud is the RoomGuard?

The sound level varies according to the power. Continuous operation between 600 and approx. 1000m³ volume corresponds approximately to a quiet refrigerator. Large model (up to 2000m³/h):

Volume measurements at different power:
With an output of 600 m³/h – 38 dB(A)
With an output of 1200 m³/h – 46 dB(A)
With an output of 1500 m³/h – 52 dB(A)
With an output of 2000 m³/h – 58 dB(A)

When does the filter have to be replaced?

The frequency of filter changes depends strongly on the environmental conditions (dust load in the room, etc.) as well as the daily duration of use. We are therefore unable to provide you with any specific information on this in advance. However, we currently expect the HEPA H14 filter to last several years before it needs to be replaced – provided the F7 pre-filter is changed when necessary.

Who replaces the filters?

You can replace the pre-filter yourself, instructions for doing so are supplied with the unit. The HEPA H14 filter should be replaced by a trained technician. After replacement, the correct installation (sealing fit of the filter) and the filter medium must be checked for leakage in its installed state according to DIN EN ISO 14644-3.

The filters can be replaced at your premises if desired.

How large does a room have to be for the RoomGuard?

A blanket statement about the possible m² that the RoomGuard® can “filter” is not easy to make. Each room, as well as the activities and the number of people in it, should be considered individually! However, the unit can basically be used in almost any room. The cubature of the room plays just as big a role as the fixtures in the room (possible room dividers, furniture, etc.).

The unit can deliver up to 2000m³/h. For a 25m² room with a ceiling height of 2.50 metres, a flow rate of 800m³/h would result in an air-exchange rate of almost 13 times.

Can one RoomGuard be used in several rooms?

Since the unit is on castors, it can basically be used in different places. For optimal results, however, the RoomGuard® should always be adapted to the respective installation site. After a briefing, this can be done either by us or by yourselves.

Is it possible to get a test unit?

Due to high demand, it is currently not possible for us to lend sample or test units to our customers. You are welcome to come and see the RoomGuard® in action at our premises in 52477 Alsdorf and convince yourself personally. 

Does the RoomGuard need to be maintained?

No. Customers do not have to sign a maintenance agreement, nor do we stipulate a fixed maintenance interval, as the unit is “maintenance-free”. Only the filters need to be replaced after a certain time – this is indicated on the unit.

Can you also rent the RoomGuard?

You are also welcome to rent our Roomguard® air-filter systems. Simply contact us for your individual offer.


We are more than happy to inform you about prices, technologies, and customisation options.

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